Home Dial-Up Connections
Unlimited Hours
Monthly $27.45
Yearly $274.45
2 EMail addresses
No Hourly Limit
(Session = 5hr Max.)
*for Permanent Connection rates, see below
No Download Limit
No Joining Fee
No Administration Fees
10 Megabyte of hard disk space
Credit Card Customers Only
No Invoices will be provided
Price includes 10% GST

Buisness Dial-Up Connections
20 hrs 50 hrs 70 hrs Unlimited hrs
Monthly $21.95 Monthly $32.95 Monthly $42.90 Monthly $27.45
Yearly $274.45
$1.95 after 20 hrs $1.95 after 50 hrs $1.95 after 70 hrs
1 EMail address
2 EMail addresses
Additional EMail addresses at $5.00 each, per month (eg. username@mikka.net.au)
No Download Limits
Download limit of 250Mb.
19 cents per Mb thereafter.
No Set-Up Fee
10 Megabyte of hard disk space

Permanent I.P. Connections
Mikka Internet recognises the importance of fast, reliable connections to the business' for whom time is money. Permanent connections are available through a modem or the increasingly popular and cost-effective, higher bandwidth of digital ISDN. Permanent connections provide an uninterrupted; 24 hour dedicated connection to the Internet. This ensures you always have an available connection. A permanent connection saves you money in phone charges and allows you to have live e-mail and web access.

56k Modem
64k ISDN
$55 per month
$110 per month
Download limit of 500mb.
19 cents per Mb thereafter.
Download limit of 750mb.
19 cents per Mb thereafter.
No Set-Up Fee

Web Site Hosting
The Web service allows companies to get a presence on the web without the expense of having to set up servers and the like in-house.

Monthly $33.00
Yearly $396.00
5 Virtual e-mail accounts, for example info@company.com.au
10 meg of disk space.
No Set-up Fee.
Provision for running client custom CGI scripts (notice must be given and our Webmasters will test the CGI to ensure that your CGI is safe to use on our systems.
Website Statistic can be generated at no extra cost.
Average hit rate of 5000 hits per month.
Company must have a dialin account with Mikka.
Company must have a DNS (eg. company.com.au)

Web Design
Mikka offers 3 different packages for Web Design schemes.
  • Single Page: This is the commonly accepted size site for a company or individual contact page. This includes a simple home (or start) page with details such as contact information and graphics either supplied by you or generated by the Mikka Team.
    Note: This single page scheme is charged at $80 per hour and Usually takes 1 hour to complete (depending on complexity).
  • 5 Pages: This is the commonly accepted minimum size site for a small to medium sized company. This includes a home(or start) page, plus four pages of information and graphics either supplied by you or generated by the Mikka Team.
  • 10 Pages: This option is usually offered to medium companies which have many pages of information but is essentially the same as the 5 pages site above.

  • WEB Design
    5 Pages
    10 pages
    Graphics and text supplied by customer $390 $590
    Graphics and text designed by Mikka $80 per hour $80 per hour
    Homepage Updating $80 per hour
    Animated Graphics and JAVA/Active-X are not included in either scheme but will be priced depending on complexity.

    With the high cost of having your own IT staff to look after your network and communications needs, it makes sense that small to medium size business look at outsourcing their IT know-how for a fraction of what it would cost to hiring dedicated staff.

    We can address all your needs from sourcing and setting up computer equipment to consulting on what types of products will suit your needs to setting up major IT projects.

    We have a no-nonsense, pragmatic, "get it right the first time" approach to your business needs, we are interested in developing solutions to address your short and long term requirements.

    Hourly $120 Per hour
    Support Package On Application Entitles you to a set amount of free consultancy per month
    Per project Quote will be supplied Depends on complexity
    Onsite Software Installaton $25 eg. Intenet Explorer

    • All our rates include GST. To see more about our position on GST click here

    • Price does do not include telecommunications charges.
    • Sessions may be limited to a 4 hour maximum during peak periods.
    • Individual e-mail messages are not limited in size. Each mailbox is 10MB in size.
    • All accounts are paid and debited at the end of each month.
    • Unused Monthly free hours are not carried over to the next month.
    • Hourly fees are charged per minute used.
    • Mikka International reserve the right to change pricing policy at any time without notice.
    • Mikka reserves the right to terminate or suspend this Agreement if your activities (in Mikka' judgment)
      unreasonably restrict, inhibit, or degrade any other Customer's use of the Services, or represent an
      unusually large burden on Mikka' staff or Mikka.

    These rates are effective as of 21st July 2001.
    Standard Terms and Conditions Apply.