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Internet Configuration Change

Over the last few weeks there has been an increase in malicious internet activity cause by viruses and hacking activity.
As a result we have to make our servers more secure and one change will need to be made to your internet browsers

In Internet Explorer goto
     Tool - Internet Options - Connections - Settings

In there you will see "Proxy Server"

This should now read :
Address    proxy.cosmos.net.au      Port 3128

For those who are interested in the most common forms of intrusion and attack see the following link


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File-Deleting Sircam Email Virus

A new e-mail virus that can delete files from infected computer hard drives has spread to users in more than 50 countries in the past week. The virus, nicknamed W32.Sircam, arrives as an email attachment and can affect any type
of email program.
The virus, a self-propagating worm that has English and Spanish-language versions, sends copies of itself and a random file from the infected computer's hard drive to all addresses in the infected computer's address book

The first part of the email is always of the form: 

   Hi! How are you?
   I send you this file in order to have your advice

   See you later! Thanks

or its Spanish equivalent.

The attachments are all about 216 to 239 K bytes long and contain a mixture of
files with extensions such as:


If you get such an email delete it. You will only get infected if you click on the attachment.

If you have this virus use the following tool to remove it


Email Virus (Snow White or Ha Ha Ha Virus)

If you think you now have a virus after clicking on an Email titled "HaHaHa" or an attachment titled "Snow white", then click here for help.